Telomere Length qPCR Assay

  • Telomere Length qPCR assay kit

    Telomere Length qPCR assay kit

    Telomeres are nucleoprotein structures that cap the ends of chromosomes. The integrity of the telomere structure and its DNA (TTAGGG)n repeat sequence is critical for the protection of the ends of chromosomes from degradation and in maintaining overall genomic stability. Telomere length, therefore, decreases over time and may predict lifespan. Telomere shortening has negative effects on health conditions and has been linked to many health issues including aging and cancer.

    Telomere Length qPCR assay kit is designed to directly measure the average telomere length of a human cell population. The telomere primer mix recognizes and amplifies telomere sequences. The single copy gene (SCG) primer mix recognizes specific target gene as a control for amplification for every sample performed and to determine genome copies per sample, and serves as reference for data normalization. The Telomere standard DNA sample with known telomere length serves as a reference for calculating the telomere length of target samples.




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